Rise of the Leviathan

Rise of the Leviathan

Slackware Repository

Announcing the availability of my repository of slackware packages

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Some time ago I started making a slackware package repository for software I need in my systems not included in the core. I spent some time getting processes in place and getting used to them. By now, those are all fairly settled and I feel confident in letting other people know about them.

First off, however, there’s some caveats. The repository is currently based on -current, and for x86_64 only. I have no interest in making a 32bit repo as the overhead would just be too big. I have no more 32bit systems in use, so testing would also be too limited.

I also can’t guarantee that the packages will always work on the very latest version of -current. I maintain these in my free time and there’s just not enough of that to keep up with every single update to -current. This is especially true for packages dependent on the kernel. That said, I will do my best to not keep packages broken for too long, when that happens.

With those caveats out of the way, you can find the repository here:


It also works great with slackpkg+, just add this to your slackpkgplus.conf:


Here’s some of the (IMHO) highlights you can find in the repo:

Hardware support

  • sof-firmware
  • intel-media-driver

LEMP stack

  • nginx
  • various php extensions (imagick, xdebug, http, etc)


  • libbluray-bdj
  • smplayer
  • mkvtoolnix
  • amarok (qt5)


  • nextcloud-client
  • nextcloud-notify-push
  • redis
  • coturn
  • rssguard
  • qownnotes

Other hosting tools

  • gitea
  • hugo


  • virtualbox
  • virtualbox-kernel
  • virtualbox-addons

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