Rise of the Leviathan

Rise of the Leviathan

Blog: Reloaded

Restarting my blog using hugo and gitea

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My last foray into blogs was several years ago using Wordpress on a shared hosting environment. After some initial excitement, it became rather cumbersome rather quickly and writing blog entries became too much of a chore.

Fast forward several years later, I now have a dedicated server where I can host the software stack I want, and elect a blogging system closer to my ideal workflow.

After a lot of research I ended up with hugo. Contrary to Wordpress it is not a CRM, but a static site generator. Rather than writing blog entries in the browser in a WYSIWYG editor, hugo uses markdown files that can be edited in any text editor.

Combined with a private git repo hosted on gitea, deploying the website, adding a new blog entry or even more complicated changes would just be a git push away. Well, eventually anyway.

In the end, it didn’t quite turn out quite as painless as I thought it would be. There’s still a lot to learn about hugo, writing blog entries may not end up being as simple as just editing a text file. However, it still looks fun, so let’s see where this takes me.

Engage! 🙂

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