Rise of the Leviathan

Rise of the Leviathan

Repository for Slackware 15.0

Branching off my package repository for Slackware 15.0

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On February 2nd, 2022 Pat released Slackware 15.0. Now, with an unfortunately sizable delay, I branched off my package repository to properly support Slackware 15.0 as well.

Why so late?

Like I mentioned in my last past about the repo, I’m maintaining it in my free time and there just hasn’t been enough of that lately. Between work and an absolutely wonderful skiing trip with my family I had almost no time at all to look at Slackware. However, things are calming down and I’m starting to put things back on track.

Where from here?

I’ll have to see how time consuming it will be to keep maintaining both repos at the same rate. There’s motivation to do that from my side, since my server will stay on 15.0 now, but my laptop will likely keep moving with -current (at least, until Pat decides to introduce some super disruptive changes. You never know 😉)

However, it might be that if effort proves just too much, that the 15.0 repo will stay mostly as it is, with patches to existing version when required, and have major updates only in -current. If and when I decide to do that you’ll read about it here first though.

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